“Great Zombies” from McFarland features 12 CE alums!

Great-Zombies-in-History-McFarland-PressGreat Zombies in History, the new trade paperback from McFarland & Company, includes work by TWELVE Comics Experience alums and Creators Workshop members!

GZiH was originally released in 2011 as three stand-alone issues by Elevator Pitch Press, a collective of writers who all took the inaugural online version of Andy Schmidt’s Introduction to Comic Book Writing course in October of 2009.

The title has since been picked up and collected by McFarland, a leading independent publisher of pop culture-related nonfiction books who is now bringing its 34 years of publishing experience to the graphic novel format.

In the book, readers discover the secret history of the undead, with stories on samurai, vikings, spartans and even Teddy Roosevelt.

Included are also tales of the Zombie War of 1812, the lost colony of Roanoke Island, the real reason Russia lost the space race, and more.

spartans-great-zombies-in-history-01GZiH features writing by CE alums Rob Anderson, Eric Drumm, Neil Fisher, Frederick Kim, Kevin D. Lintz, George O’Connor, Joshua Osborne, Dan Rivera, and Joe Sergi. Joe also acted as editor of the collected edition, along with assistant editors Frederick Kim and George O’Connor.

The collection also includes art by CE alums DaFu Yu (who also provided the samurai zombie cover), Richard P. Clark, and lettering/design by CE Workshop member E.T. Dollman.

GZiH is a 116-page, black and white softcover, now available from McFarland, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major book distributors, as well as in several e-book formats.

Congrats to all the CE folks involved in this project!

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