CE alum Greg Brown’s Writing Class story to appear in Heavy Metal magazine!

heavy-metal-covers2Comics Experience alum Greg Brown, a graduate of both our Intro to Writing and Advanced Writing live, streaming comic book courses, will have one of his stories published in Heavy Metal magazine in June 2013!

The story, “To Be a Star,” was written by Greg during the Intro to Writing course, and has now been expanded and re-titled “The Nephthys Chronicles: Star Light Star Bright.”

On sharing the news with us, Greg wrote: “Andy’s Intro to Comic Book Writing class provided me a fantastic knowledge base and experience in formulating and writing a comic script. As my ‘day job’ is in an entirely different field, the feedback from Andy and fellow classmates provided me the basis to improve my storytelling and learn the method of effective comic scripts. A great experience on all levels. I would highly recommend the course without reservation!

Heavy Metal is the premier adult illustrated fantasy magazine and has been published for more than 35 years. The publication continues to explore fantastic and surrealistic worlds, past present and future.

It’s published six times per year and most issues feature one serialized graphic novel, several short stories, an artist gallery and artist studio sections.

Congratulations to Greg on the publication of his story!

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