Introduction to Animation Writing Open For Enrollment – Limited Seats!

TF_RescueForce_FinalAll of your favorite cartoons and animated movies started as words on a page. Have you ever had an interest in writing for animation?

Comics Experience is excited to bring back a highly-regarded course on that very topic – Introduction to Animation Writing!

We introduced this course in 2014, and student feedback like this has impelled us to keep it going!

“I’d taken the Intro to Comic Book Writing with Andy [Schmidt] previously, but writing for animation was a whole new beast. I thought it best I brush up before getting down to writing. Thankfully Zac [Atkinson] is a wonderful lecturer who is well versed in the ins-and-outs of handling an animation script. He walked us through all the facets of creating a script, both short and feature length, as well as helping us learn the unique business of being an animation writer.

Like the rest of Comics Experience, it’s worth the price of admission.”

-Nic J Shaw

Introduction to Animation Writing teaches you to translate your ideas for animated TV shows, movies, and short films into professional scripts. This six-week course, running from August 6-September 10, 2015, covers everything you need to know to start writing your own screenplay.

By the end of the six weeks, you’ll have completed a 7- to 15-page screenplay that could be used for a professionally-produced animated project!

Zac-Atkinson-150x150Introduction to Animation Writing is taught by Zac Atkinson, a working professional screenwriter in the Los Angeles animation industry.

Zac’s credits include the TV series Transformers Rescue Bots and other projects for Hasbro Studios. He attended film school at University of Texas Austin, and holds an MFA in Screenwriting from Boston University. In addition to his writing credits, Zac serves as a screenplay judge for prestigious competitions including the Austin Film Festival.

Check out these resources for more about Zac!

Enrollment is now open and seating is limited – sign up now!

Introduction to Animation Writing with Zac Atkinson starts on August 6!

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Posted by Nicole Boose; special thanks to Rob Anderson.