Four CE alums featured in “Unfashioned Creatures: A Frankenstein Anthology”

Publisher Red Stylo’s latest anthology, Unfashioned Creatures: A Frankenstein Anthology, has begun its digital roll-out, and the anthology features work by several Comics Experience alums and Creators Workshop members!

unfashioned-creaturesAs Red Stylo did with their Poe Twisted and Shakespeare Shaken anthologies, Unfashioned Creatures will be a collection of completely original comics and art inspired by its literary predecessor, in this case Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The anthology consists of short comics that use the themes, ideas, characters and concepts in Frankenstein within new and original eight-page comic shorts and/or single-page vignettes.

stroke-white-e1373396407514Rather than adapt or re-tell the novel, forty-three artists and writers were challenged to cut deep into the flesh of the source material and to be inspired to create their own monstrous works

Every two weeks, starting August 28th through Halloween, new stories from an expanded version of the print version will be available for download in the Red Stylo Media store, as well as all other places RSM digital titles are sold. Only $1.99, each story includes digital extras, art, scripts, and notes from the artists, as well as a collection of vignettes and art from other creators around the world.

The CE alums and Workshop members featured, and their digital roll-out dates are:

“Big Man,” with story written by CE alum C.M. Beckett, and art by Gary Fitzgerald, released digitally 9/11/13

“Shelley Portrait”, an art vignette by CE alum Trevor Hanowski, released digitally 9/25/13

“Frankenspace,” an art vignette by CE alum Jason Folkes, released digitally 10/9/13

“Pieces,” with story written by CE alum by Shaun Noel, and art by Mark Mullaney, released digitally 10/23/13

You can purchase the digital releases at the Red Stylo Store!

Congrats to all our alums and members appearing in the anthology!

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