FIVE Kickstarters from CE alums & Creators Workshop members!

Comics Experience alums and Creators Workshop members make comics! And that’s really clear over on Kickstarter where FIVE campaigns with Comics Experience ties are running.

Check out the cool projects below and give them your support!


DronesChris Lewis – “Drones”

Described as “the War on Terror — now playing in Las Vegas” this Kickstarer collects two years of blood, sweat, and happy tears on the satirical mini-series, Drones.

The writer, Chris Lewis, is both a CE alum and Creators Workshop member, and the book features interior art by Bruno Oliveira. This trade paperback collection will be 110 pages of madcap action, topped off with some pinups, including one by CE art alum Joe Lalich!

The collection containing the five-issue miniseries follows two Predator drone operators who hunt Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan from the safety of a base outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. After a failed mission, the war hits home in a bizarre journey that will take them from a terrorism-themed hotel to a drone-filled sky over the Strip.

In addition to the two drone operators, the story features a pancake-loving terrorist turned playwright, a loveable expert in improvised explosive devices, five well-dressed assassins, a goat who just might know a thing or two about kung fu, and an acrobatic special forces troupe called the Cirque du SEALs.

Incentives include digital and print versions of the collection, comic book script critiques, original art and commissions, and even a version with an exclusive Kickstarter-only cover.

Check out the Kickstarter right here.


forgotten-planetPete Rogers – “Forgotten Planet”

Forgotten Planet is a Science Fiction graphic novel, created by U.K.-based Creators Workshop member Pete Rogers and Giancarlo Caracuzzo. It follows Cale Beckett, a legendary former mercenary, as he seeks to unravel his past on a frozen planetoid.

The project is described as “a heart-felt science fiction, action adventure about freedom, identity and revisiting your past.”

The Kickstarter supports production of a full-color 100-page Graphic Novel, and many of the the special rewards attached to this edition will be exclusively available to Kickstarter supporters only. The incentives include electronic and print versions (including a hardcover option), t-shirts, comic script critiques, and even a featured role in the graphic novel.

Pete is an award-winning British writer, who co-founded Orang Utan Comics, and published an anthology titled Eleventh Hour, featuring his own short stories alongside the work of other rising talent. Within a year the book had been nominated for an Eagle Award. In 2011 his first graphic novel The Interactives was released, to critical acclaim.

Check out the Kickstarter right here.


Robin HoodMatt Dursin – “Robin Hood: Outlaw of the 21st Century”

Robin Hood: Outlaw of the 21st Century #1 is written by CE alum Matt Dursin, and is even based on a short comic book script Matt wrote in the Introduction to Comic Book Writing course. The book features artwork by Jason Baroody and Mark McKenna.

In this updated version of the story, the modern-day Robin Hood doesn’t exactly “rob from the rich to give to the poor,” as the saying goes, but instead steals medical supplies and gives them to those in need, or those who can’t afford them or have no health insurance. Matt explains that the story is a commentary on how expensive health care is in the U.S. as well as other issues.

But it’s also a straight-up adventure story that will capture the spirit of the Robin of old.

The Kickstarter will fund the artists, letterers, colorists, and cover artists, as well as printing, distribution, production and other assorted costs. The eventual goal is to produce a four-issue miniseries with enough funding.

Incentives include signed and printed copies of the finished comic, a guest spot on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen podcast, prints, or even the opportunity to have your likeness featured in the book.

Check out the Kickstarter right here.


murderthonJames Babbo – “Murderthon”

Murderthon is a five-issue mini-series written by CE alum James Babbo with art by Ken Knudsten, creator of the indie book My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer. The Kickstarter supports production of the first issue.

Murderthon follows the tale of a cross country contest between two serial killers and has been described as a crime-noir story in the vein of crime novelist Richard Stark via indie director Roger Corman – an indie suspense movie in comics form.

But the story is really about Mark Saxon, the referee. It’s his job to make sure the game runs smoothly but a monkey wrench is thrown into the mix when he discovers one of the potential victims, Marabelle, has ties to his dark tormented past. But who is saving who? Marabelle can take care of herself & doesn’t need anyone to help her.

Incentives include PDF and print versions of the book, posters, a shot glass, original art, a featured role in the book, and even a set of the World War II mini-series written by James, The Moses Militia.

Check out the Kickstarter right here.


seven wondersJeff Coley – “Seven Wonders”

Seven Wonders is an IndieGoGo campaign written by CE Workshop member Jeff Coley. The campaign will fund the “Prelude” issue of the graphic novel and all contributions will go directly to the artists, printing and perks.

Described as “the Good, the Bad and the Dead Issue,” the story follows mercenaries/lovers Sharp and Teague. After they clash with an assassin during a routine operation in Northern Mexico, only Sharp survives. But who was the assassin? Sharp must turn to Teague’s ex-girlfriend, Treasury Agent Jackson, for help, and soon discovers a connection to a cult worshipping a mythical person known only as Uncle Fetus.

In 1999, Jeff Coley completed the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting. In 2007, after relocating to Austin, he discovered the graphic novel format and resolved to create one some day.

Incentives include PDF and print versions of the issue, signed prints and copies of the script, postcards, t-shirts, posters, and having your likeness as the assassin in the book!

Check out the IndieGoGo campaign right here.


Best of luck to all our alums and Workshop members!

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