CE Community Member Marta Tanrikulu’s Stories To Appear in GrayHaven Comics’ “The Gathering”!

castaways_panel_smComics Experience Community Member Marta Tanrikulu has written two stories appearing in upcoming issues of GrayHaven Comics’ The Gathering anthology, available to order now!

The Gathering: Survival includes the short story “Castaways,” written by Marta and featuring art by Daniel Pereira Dos Santos.

The Gathering: All Women 3 – “And Nothing Less” includes Marta’s “Dancing With Dragons,” with art by Jenny Gorman.

Both issues are now available for order through the GrayHaven Comics website!

dragon_panel_smMarta is a writer and editor, and an alum of several Comics Experience courses and Master Seminars. She is also an active member of the Creators Workshop, and serves as Comics Experience’s Operations Manager.

Marta’s two GrayHaven stories are among several of her recent and upcoming short comic pieces to see publication. Her work also appears in current and forthcoming issues of Indie Comics Quarterly, and has appeared in two issues of that title’s sister publication, Indie Ladies Comic Anthology: Blush and Indie Ladies Comic Anthology: Chatter.

AllWomen3CoverWEB-323x500Look for more news about CE Community Members’ stories in Indie Comics Quarterly in an upcoming blog post!

To read Marta’s work in GrayHaven’s The Gathering anthologies, visit sites for The Gathering: Survival and The Gathering: All Women 3 – “And Nothing Less.”

Congratulations to Marta and her collaborators!

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Posted by Nicole Boose