Comic Book Script Archive Adds New Script From David Gallaher!

scriptarchivecoverA new script has been added to the Comic Book Script Archive, presented by Comics Experience–

Johnny Dollar: The Brief Candle Matter by David Gallaher

Johnny Dollar: The Brief Candle Matter is David Gallaher’s first professional, full-length script. The series is based on the old-time radio detective show of the same name, and this issue follows Johnny (a “freelance insurance investigator with an action-packed expense account!”) as he investigates an arson case that stalls a production of Macbeth.

David Gallaher is an editor and multiple Harvey Award-nominated writer who has worked extensively in digital comics, developing projects for Marvel’s Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man. His collaborations with artist Steve Ellis include the all-ages series The Only Living Boy, and High Moon – winner of the Harvey Award for Best Online Comic!

Johnny DollarOur thanks to David for providing this script!

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