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Alum Chris Lewis’ “Karma Police” #1 Now On Sale from Vault Comics!

Wednesday, March 29 marked the in-store debut of Karma Police, a story about a compassionate monk-in-training who must confront the violence from her past lives. The first issue launches a four-part limited series, penned by Comics Experience alum Chris Lewis. Also on the creative team are artist Tony Gregori, colorist Jasen Smith, letterer and designer…

Interview with Karma Police’s Chris Lewis!

We’re ecstatic to report that, as of March 31, the Kickstarter campaign for the collected edition of Chris Lewis’ Karma Police exceeded its $3,000 target goal! By over $1,000, no less. This will likely come as little surprise to anyone who has checked out the series over on comiXology! Fanboy Comics’ Barbra Dillon recommends it…

Chris Lewis’ KARMA POLICE Now Up on Kickstarter!

Creators Workshop participant Chris Lewis launched his Kickstarter for the collected graphic novel collection of Karma Police only last week, and he’s already more than halfway to his $3,000 goal! Originally published as a 4-issue miniseries on comiXology as part of the Comics Experience publishing initiative, Karma Police features writing by Chris, art by Tony…

Comics Experience Launches comiXology-Exclusive Titles!

Comics Experience, home of the Creators Workshop, announces that it will publish its first round of digital comics exclusively on comiXology beginning on January 13, as part of its new Digital Publishing program for emerging comics professionals.