Comic Book Script Archive Adds New Script From Kelly Sue DeConnick!


A new script has been added to the Comic Book Script Archive, presented by Comics Experience–

  • Bitch Planet #1 by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick

The brutal, unapologetic Image Comics sensation, featuring art by Valentine De Landro and Robert Wilson IV, colors by Cris Peter, and letters by Clayton Cowles is only six issues into its Eisner-nominated run and has already inspired a worldwide legion of devotees. One need only look at the popularity of the now-iconic “noncompliant” logo as a tattoo choice to see how deeply Bitch Planet’s story of arbitrary crime and disproportionate punishment resonates with a diverse audience. Set on a dismal, dangerous prison planet, the narrative follows how the inmates find themselves arrested and convicted for their alleged affronts to femininity, and the retribution they must face as a result. Everything appropriately comes wrapped up in a brightly-colored aesthetic heavily inspired by exploitation films.

We encourage any and all aspiring creators out there to check out both Bitch Planet #1 and the Comic Book Script Archive as a whole for inspiration and information about writing compelling comics.

Bitch Planet #1 Cover

Our thanks to Kelly Sue DeConnick for providing this script!

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