CE Alum Don McMillan’s All-Ages Prose Novel Now On Kindle!

Comics Experience alum and Creators Workshop member Don McMillan has published his prose novel, Kibbles ‘N’ Bots, now available on Kindle!

Kibbles-n-botsSubtitled “Tulip the Superpowered Boston Terrier,” this all-ages book tells the story of Tulip – a dog whose love of superheroes helps her overcome her everyday fears. When Tulip develops REAL superpowers, she and her brother join forces to stop a team of bank-robbing robots and their mysterious leader!

In the Kibbles ‘N’ Bots acknowledgments, Don writes about the Creators Workshop’s role in helping him become a better storyteller – in prose AND in comics!

Don’s generous call-out to the Comics Experience community recognizes his Kibbles ‘N’ Bots editor, Rob Anderson, for helping to refine his story.

Don also cites Andy Schmidt’s Introduction to Comic Book Writing course as the place where he “learned to push past the bone-crushing fear of sharing my work with others and open myself up to critique.”

The acknowledgments also thank a number of Don’s fellow Creators Workshop members whose friendship developed on our online forums, and whose feedback played a vital role in the author’s accomplishments.

Don writes, “You would not be reading this book if not for Andy Schmidt and his Comics Experience classes and workshop.”

Many thanks to Don for the acknowledgment, and the opportunity to play a role in his achievement!

And congratulations to Don and all the CE community members who helped Kibbles ‘N’ Bots take shape!

To learn more or to purchase the book, visit the Kibbles ‘N’ Bots Amazon page here.

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Posted by Nicole Boose