FIVE CE Community Members’ Work to Appear in Indie Comics Quarterly!

Five members of the Comics Experience community will have their work published in Indie Comics Quarterly!

Indie Comics Quarterly is an anthology series dedicated to showcasing the work of independent comics creators from around the world. In addition to publishing innovative work from a range of up-and-coming writers and artists, each volume features one first place winner who receives a monetary prize, and becomes eligible for an annual grand prize.

Check out our alums’ and Creators Workshop members’ contributions to these current and upcoming issues!


Volumes 1 and 2: Marta Tanrikulu, E.T. Dollman

The-Long-Sleep1-300x152Indie Comics Quarterly Volumes 1 and 2 feature the writing of CE alum, Creators Workshop member and staffer Marta Tanrikulu.

Volume 1 includes Marta’s short story “The Long Sleep,” about a man whose vigil over his bedridden wife is disrupted by an otherworldly encounter. Marta workshopped the script for “The Long Sleep” on the Creators Workshop forum before submitting it to ICQ, where it was selected as the Volume 1 prize winner!

“The Long Sleep” features art by Silvio dB, with lettering by Creators Workshop member E.T. Dollman.

Confectioners panelMarta’s work also appears in ICQ Volume 2, in a tale of rival candy makers titled “The Confectioners.” The story is illustrated and lettered by Marcus Muller, and was a runner-up for ICQ’s Volume 2 prize!

Ordering information for ICQ Volumes 1 and 2 is available online here.


Volume 3: Milton Lawson

wintersale-panel1Creators Workshop member Milton Lawson will see his first published comics work in Indie Comics Quarterly Volume 3!

Milton’s short piece, “Winter Sale,” is about a record store struggling to keep up with the times, and about the people behind it. Milton cites the role of the Creators Workshop in developing the script:

“This story was a true product of the workshop: it was written for one of the writing challenge exercises, and the critiques I received from forum members were instrumental in revising and improving the work. I owe many thanks to Comics Experience for creating the environment to make this happen. This will be my first-ever published comics work.”

“Winter Sale” features art and lettering by Dave Chisholm.


Am Voudou 001smVolume 4: Christopher Beckett and Angela Allen

CE alums and Creators Workshop members Christopher Beckett and Angela Allen are the creative team behind “American Voudou,” a short story set in 1863 New Orleans.

“American Voudou” is another piece that got its start on the Creators Workshop forum, where Christopher posted drafts of the script and, he says, it “became a far stronger story thanks to the feedback from other members.”

Angela also used the forum to post her art in progress, from initial character designs through completed pages. Their collaboration will appear in Indie Comics Quarterly Volume 4.



Ordering information for Indie Comics Quarterly is available on their site here!

Volumes 1 and 2 are currently available in paperback on here. A Kindle version is available here for Volume 1, and coming soon for Volume 2. Production is under way for Volumes 3 and 4.

CE congratulates Marta, E.T., Milton, Christopher, Angela, and their collaborators!
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Posted by Nicole Boose