CE Alum Shaun Manning launches “Hell, Nebraska” Kickstarter

Hell-Nebraska-titleComics Experience alum and Creators Workshop member Shaun Manning has launched a Kickstarter campaign for hist comic book project, Hell, Nebraska.

Hell, Nebraska is a six-issue, digital-first comic book series on Comixology and iVerse Comics+ by Shaun Manning and Anna Wieszczyk about a man who discovers that Hell does not exist–and decides to do something about it.

Thanks to the power of a mysterious mask, an unassuming high school teacher is able to raise a city of the damned in rural Nebraska… but one of his students could topple his grand design.

The first issue is available for free on Comixology right here.

Shaun is looking to fund publication of a small print run and cover some of the final art costs.

hell-nebraska-pageThe intention is to debut the “Hell, Nebraska” trade paperback at the brand-new Cincy ComiCon in September, along with a con-exclusive variant (and sole print edition) of the first two issues.

As incentives, supporters can choose digital versions of the comics, exclusive print editions, a trade paperback collection, a t-shirt or custom iPhone cover.

You can even be consigned to Hell by the character Abbadon, by having yourself drawn into the comic book!

With nearly a full month left, there’s still plenty of time to jump on this Kickstarter for Hell, Nebraska!

Or check out the video below:

Best of luck to Shaun with the Kickstarter!

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