#231 – Budgeting and Payments with Crowdfunded Comics

Andy and Joey talk about crowdfunded comics planning including budgeting, compensation for collaborators and professionals, “long-term money-making,” if one-person/a publisher is financing the project and more!

#230 – NYCC 2021 and Cons During Covid Takeaways

Andy talks about getting ready for and going to New York City Comic Con during Covid. How he planned, what it was like with less bigger name publishers around, and how the show was for him and creators he talked to.

#229 – Designing Pages and Grids with Gannon Beck

Writer & artist Gannon Beck (Space Corps) talks about designing pages including using 9 and 16 panel grids, what he’s learned from newspaper comic strips and a 4 panel grid. Gannon also talks about upcoming CEX Publishing print release of Space Corps.

#228 – Fiction and Non-Fiction Stories

Andy and Joey talk about approaches to writing fiction and non-fiction stories, including when a story might not have a “structure”, being honest in the telling, and trying to deconstruct story endings.

#227 – Writing Solicitations for Retailers and Readers

Andy and Joey talk about writing solicitation copy for retailers and readers and thinking about what audience you’re communicating with, and what you want that audience to do. Consistent messaging and tone, what information to give where and when!

#226 – From Pitch to First Issue with Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Superman, Action Comics, Alien) talks about taking your comics ideas to pitches including his July 31st Comics Experience Master Seminar, how his script writing has evolved over his career, and how he got starting making comics.