Convention Wrap-Up: New York Comic Con and Project: Comic Con

Our NYCC table

Comics Experience showed its presence at two October 2015 conventions: New York Comic Con (October 8-11), and Project: Comic Con in St. Louis (October 17-18)!

Our New York Comic Con offerings included a “Breaking In” panel; signings, book sales and giveaways; and portfolio reviews for artists and writers, conducted by a whole host of comics professionals. Plus, members of our Creators Workshop had the opportunity to gather at a post-convention meet-up hosted by Andy Schmidt.

Rich Douek and Jules Rivera sign GUTTER MAGIC at NYCC

Check out the photos from the NYCC convention floor!

One week later, Project: Comic Con also hosted members of the Comics Experience community. I was honored to be one of the convention guests, joining fellow CE community members Brian Atkins and Tim Bach on the convention floor, and co-hosting a panel with Brian, Tim, and artist June Brigman on breaking into comics.

With an emphasis on women comics pros this year, Project: Comic Con featured stand-out guests including June, Trina Robbins, Faith Erin Hicks, C. Spike Trotman, and many other celebrated creators! It was a privilege to have my table situated right next to Trina’s, with my Comics Experience colleagues Brian and Tim on my other side.

Tim Bach, Nicole Boose and Brian Atkins at Project: Comic Con
Tim Bach, Nicole Boose & Brian Atkins on the Project: Comic Con floor

Brian is an artist who serves as Art Moderator for the Comics Experience Creators Workshop. Tim is a writer, alum and Creators Workshop member. The two shared a table where they signed and offered samples of their work, including their creator-owned series Gargoyle by Moonlight.

On Sunday, Tim, Brian and I joined artist June Brigman for a panel about Breaking Into Comics. It was a well-attended session, and we enjoyed chatting with the panel attendees during and after the event.

Nicole Boose, Brian Atkins and Tim Bach at Project: Comic Con

It was Brian’s first panel appearance, and he commented:

“[I]t was really fun. I feel like Tim had some excellent thoughts about how to build a following using social media as a writer by selling them on your personality and interests. By sharing relevant posts and topics you become a place others come to be informed and by giving thoughtful commentary you become an authority on a topic or subject. June commented that you have to being willing to get critiques and put yourself out there which is such an important aspect to ever getting better and refining your skill. Nicole said very poignant advice when she told the panel viewers that a completed project says a lot more than sample pages.

“As for me I jabbered on and on. I hoped to stress the need to be continually producing. Get the small work now and build that to get your next, hopefully, bigger better project.”

June Brigman, Nicole Boose at Project: Comic Con

Tim shared these thoughts:

“There’s a real thirst out there for basic “how-to” information on how to start and keep making comics. I enjoyed the opportunity to share some of the things I’ve learned in my making-comics journey. It was really cool when people who attended the panel sought us out afterward to continue the discussion. I hope we helped them to get out there and start making their own comics.”

During the convention weekend, I also took part in an interview with John and Jerry from The Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! where I talked about editing and my experiences in the comics industry. You can listen to it here, along with other interviews from a great selection of comics folks.

The St. Louis organizers and local comics community were warm and welcoming. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with so many attendees about making and enjoying comics.

Phil Jimenez and Klaus Janson at NYCC

Thanks to everyone who made time to visit our tables and panels at these events, and throughout the 2015 convention season.

We’ll continue to provide news about future convention plans right here on the blog!



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Posted by Nicole Boose