244 Joe Quesada, Editorial Management Changes at Publishers

Comics Connection Make Comics Podcast
Comics Connection Make Comics Podcast
244 Joe Quesada, Editorial Management Changes at Publishers

Joe Quesada has left his position at Marvel Comics for new creative pursuits. Andy and Joey talk about Quesada’s time as Marvel Knights Editor then Editor-in-Chief, and what it means for creators when there are management changes at publishers. 

240 Fred Van Lente and Steve Ellis SILENCERS: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION

Fred Van Lente and Steve Ellis join Andy to discuss their upcoming release SILENCERS: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION coming soon from CEX Publishing! But make no mistake, they’re doling out career advice for both artists and writers and discussing how the industry has changed over the years!

Comic Book Script Archive Adds Scripts from Three Published Comics Experience Writers!

Three new scripts are now available from the Comic Book Script Archive, presented by Comics Experience! Donated by writers Chris Clark, Bruce Kim, and Glenn Møane, each script is from a project chosen for publication through our partnership with Source Point Press. All three titles premiered at New York Comic Con 2018, and began their path to […]

Next Call for Submissions: January 2019!

Comics Experience offers a publishing program in partnership with Source Point Press, and we’re opening a new submissions window this January! If you’re eligible to submit to our publishing program, we encourage you to start getting your project ready — we’d love to hear from you. Submissions are open to those who have participated in […]

Comics Experience Books in Diamond Previews!

Comics Experience’s publications are now appearing in Diamond Previews! Now, in addition to buying our books at conventions, ordering online, or buying in digital format, you have the option to purchase directly from your favorite comics retailer. All titles are part of our publishing partnership with Source Point Press. In stores August 2018: First up […]


Trade paperback from Comics Experience and Source Point Press to debut at C2E2 Comics Experience and Source Point Press are excited to announce the publication of Grief, a comic book short story collection written by Frank Gogol, with art by Nenad Cvitcanin, Kim Holm, Ryan Foust, Bethany Varni, Jey Soliva, colored by Luca Bulgheroni, Esther […]