Comics Experience Community Members Receiving Rave Reviews!

We’re only a few weeks into 2016, and already it’s been an exciting year for Creators Workshop alumni and participants! Many have new comics for you to pick up and enjoy, and Ain’t It Cool News recently posted plenty of kind words about their talents.

Gutter Magic Cover

Member Richard Douek’s Gutter Magic, with art by Brett Barkley, colors by Jules Rivera, and letters by fellow Creators Workshop participant Nic J. Shaw, hit the shelves on January 13, and the book received praise for its refreshing approach to magical themes and dashing, roguish protagonists.

Humphrey Lee had this to say:

This debut is what we like to call one of those rollicking good times because of how it plays in those gutters. Cinder is very much that rogue in more the Starlord archetype of the word, in that he doesn’t really have a reputation, and for those who do know his name it’s not exactly for flattering reasons. He’s also got that same style and smugness to go with his rep, but is kind of a doofus, too; he’s got skills, but he’s not exactly the epitome of “smooth operator.” He and Blacktooth also have themselves a pretty solid rapport with a lot of fun back and forth between the two, especially in circumstances where Cinder’s overzealousness looks to be responsible for their early demise before luck or happenstance pulls them from the jaws of whatever fate awaited them given the situation. It’s that bond and a strong world around them that made this GUTTER MAGIC debut something I’m now looking forward to seeing more of.

Read the full review here.

Deadpool and Cable Cover

Art Instructor and Creators Workshop Pro Critique Provider Reilly Brown co-wrote, penciled, and inked Marvel’s latest Deadpool & Cable miniseries, joined by co-writer Fabian Nicieza, colorist Jim Charalampidis, and letterer Joe Sabino.

Reilly and Fabian first collaborated on the 2004-2008 Cable & Deadpool series edited by Comics Experience staffer Nicole Boose, and this series reunites the writer and writer/artist for a brand-new run!

Ain’t It Cool’s The Kid Marvel referred to “a seamless story: solid writing, quality art and an overall very well done comic.” He also noted the difficulties inherent in writing Deadpool, as the character requires a deft writerly hand – without care, he can wind up irritating in a not-so-fun way. Both Reilly and Fabian have been making sure their book preserves the core spirit of the ubiquitous antihero, and reviewers and readers are excited for it.

You can read what else The Kid Marvel had to say here.

Turncoat cover

Creators Workshop writer Ryan O’Sullivan also earned accolades for the print edition of Turncoat, now available in print via Tpub. Both him and the comic’s artist, inker, colorist, letterer, and designer Plaid Klaus — a Comics Experience alum — piqued the enthusiasm of Rob Patey, who had plenty of positive things to say about the release.

“From origin stories to the final pages, I laughed as much as I genuinely felt emotions when peeling back the layers of meaning in this tale beyond the surface jokes,” he writes. Patey also notes how the parodic nature of the story sets it apart from other comics dissecting the concepts of accountability in the superhero community.

The rest of the review can be read here.

Everyone at Comics Experience and the Creators Workshop would like to congratulate everyone for their success! We can’t wait to see what else you all will accomplish now and in the future!
If you want to make comics, write, draw, letter, and color comics, or improve as a comics creator, you’ll find like-minded friends and colleagues in our online workshops and courses. We hope to see you there!

Posted by Meredith Nudo