Workshop Member Todd Matthy’s Robots vs. Princesses Set to Debut!

The all-ages comic Robots vs. Princesses, penned by Creators Workshop member Todd Matthy, is about to debut! The project Kickstarter has met its goal to launch issue #1, with additional funds earmarked to support the release of future issues. The campaign remains open only through Thursday, August 24 — donate by then to reserve your copy.

This four-issue limited series includes art by Nicolas Chapuis, and lettering by Comics Experience alum Sean Rinehart. The plot centers on the unlikely friendship between Princess Zara and a robot named Wheeler, and their efforts to bring peace to the land they both inhabit.

Get a taste from the Kickstarter page, which also includes a free downloadable 8-page preview!

Robots vs. Princesses is the culmination of years of effort on the creators’ part. Todd initially offered the first script for critique on our Creators Workshop in 2014, and the series took shape from there.

In an interview with The Nerdy Girl Express, Todd talks through the history of the project, the process of creating it, how his love of comics intersects with his career as an elementary school teacher, and more!

Below, Todd talks with us more about Robots vs. Princesses, and the campaign to bring it to readers:

Variant cover by Sean von Gorman

What are your thoughts about how the project has changed since you first began workshopping it?

It’s stronger. When I first brought it to the Workshop is was just an idea with the characters that played with the tropes of Disney Princesses and Transformers. Through the Creators Workshop, I was able to create a strong foundation and crack open these characters and make them “real” people as opposed to archetypes and roles.

What are your plans for the title beyond this campaign?

Myself and Nic Chapuis (my artist) want to finish a four issue limited series. All funds raised beyond our initial goal will go towards putting out these issues in a fast and timely manner.

And how can folks follow this project or your other work after Thursday?

Sign up for my mailing list. You’ll get two free books and weekly updates with back matter and behind the scenes information as I chronicle my journey on the road to publication.

Thanks and congratulations to Todd, Nic, and Sean!

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Posted by Nicole Boose