Rob Anderson’s “Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah” Coming Soon From Big Dog Ink!

CE Community member Rob Anderson is releasing a new comic project, this one set in the Oz universe!

Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah is a 3-issue miniseries, published by Big Dog Ink (BDI). Issue #1 appeared in the April Diamond Previews catalog and will be available in local comic shops in June.

BDI Publisher, Tom Hutchinson, wrote on Facebook, “Rob Anderson has produced an amazing story for Tik-Tok, and has even given him a kalidah for a partner.”

Tik-Tok-and-the-Kalidah-01In the story, Tik-Tok, the clockwork “one-man army” of traditional Oz lore, is a bounty hunter teamed with the patchwork Oz animal, which resembles a cross between a tiger and a bear. The mini-series is being released in conjunction with the 100-year anniversary of the Tik-Tok character.

Rob wrote the full script for issue #1, and also provided a story outline for the remaining two issues, written by Keith Thomas.

Rob comments:

“Tom Hutchinson created this great universe that mashes up the Land of Oz with a classic Western, and he has only rarely let other writers play in this sandbox over the last several years. I was very excited to have this opportunity. Right out of the gate, I pitched a ‘bounty hunter’ concept, using two of my favorite Oz characters.”

Rob Anderson is a Creators Workshop member, and alum of the Intro to Writing, Advanced Writing, and Comic Book Editing & Project Management courses. His credits include credits include My Little Pony for IDW, as well as the creator-owned mini-series Rex, Zombie Killer.

Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok and the Kalidah will be in comic stores beginning in June!

Congrats to Rob and the creative team!

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Posted by Nicole Boose