Multiple Alums Featured in Out of the Blue & Under the Streetlight Anthologies!

out-of-the-blue-under-the-streetlight-mMultiple members of the Comics Experience community have work appearing in the Out of the Blue: Twisted Pulp anthology, coming soon from Stache Publishing! The book is now available for preorder on Kickstarter.

This Kickstarter campaign pairs Out of the Blue: Twisted Pulp with a second comic, Under the Streetlight, for a double feature of pulp and noir tales.

Out of the Blue is an anthology series featuring stories of the strange, the spooky, and the unexpected. Marta Tanrikulu (Comics Experience alum, Creators Workshop member, and Operations Manager) is one of the series’ co-editors, along with Corey Fryia and Marcus Muller.

Twisted Pulp is the third Out of the Blue volume that the team has produced. Previous installments include Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories, and Out of the Blue: A Collection of Campfire Tales. Learn more about them on the Stache website!

The credits for Out of the Blue: Twisted Pulp features an impressive list of Comics Experience alums, and Creators Workshop members past and present: Yutaka Dirks, Emily Elmer, Toni Harrison, Martin Plsko, Sean Rinehart, Nic J Shaw, Marta Tanrikulu, and Marco Della Verde are all contributors. Their work represents a diverse range of talents including writing, color art, and lettering.

One of the stories may also be familiar to Creators Workshop members. Toni Harrison’s piece, “The Man Who Lived One Million Lives,” received peer and professional critiques as part of our script workshopping process. It was also previously published as a black and white story in Memoirs of the Mysterious #2.

The Kickstarter’s companion comic, Under the Streetlight, also includes contributions from several Comics Experience community members. Writers Matthew Blair, Lesly Julien, and Marta Tanrikulu, and letterer Anthony Rella, are all Comics Experience alums or Creators Workshop members whose work appears in the collection.

Pledges to this project start at an affordable $5, and backers at all tiers receive a digital comic delivered on Halloween. Other incentives include print copies, postcards, and art commissions.

To learn more, support the project , and reserve copies, visit the Twisted Pulp/Under the Streetlight Kickstarter page here.

Congratulations to all of the contributors!
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Posted by Nicole Boose