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Make Comics LogoThe Comics Experience Make Comics™ podcast provides ~15 minutes of advice per episode on all aspects of creating comics and breaking in to the industry.

Join Comics Experience founder and former Marvel and IDW Editor Andy Schmidt and his co-host Joey Groah as they discuss making comics! (Also, big thanks to the co-host of the first 50 episodes, iFanboy’s Josh Flanagan!)

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Episode #112 – Mixing Genres

In this episode of Make Comics, Andy and Joey talk about mixing genres together and keeping it about character rather than plot.

Episode #111 – Post C2E2 Wrap Up

Andy and Joey talk general post-con thoughts, and talk about the CE experience at C2E2.

Episode #110 – Comics Experience at C2E2

This episode Andy and Joey talk about the Chicago convention C2E2, what Comics Experience has planned at the show, general convention thoughts, and Andy takes a stand for his favorite deep dish pizza.

Episode #109 – Questions to Ask an Artist

Andy and Joey talk about when a writer is looking for an artist to work with on a story, suggestions on approach with a possible artistic collaborator, and Andy talks about the most important question he asks himself.

Episode #108 – The Impact of Digital on the Comic Book Industry

Andy and Joey talk about the impact of digital on the comic book industry, including reaching new audiences, building readership for print, and more.

Episode #107 – Giving and Getting Feedback

Andy and Joey talk about the value of improving your work with thoughtful feedback on other scripts and art.

Episode #106 – CE Digital

Andy and Joey talk about CE Digital, the latest publishing initiative from Comics Experience, including the new titles, submissions policies, and more.

Episode #105 – Planning Your Make Comics Year

What are you planning for your new year of making comics? Andy and Joey talk about setting goals and being productive.