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No matter in what arena you meet a Comics Experience staffer—be it in a course, as a mentor, in the Creators Workshop, or at a convention in person—you'll always be greeted with genuine and professional courtesy. For any questions or for more information, email us at A member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Andy Schmidt
    Andy Schmidt

    Instructor and Founder

  • Joe Sergi
    Joe Sergi

    Instructor for Comic Book Law for Creators

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson

    Digital Painting Instructor

  • Chris Sotomayor
    Chris Sotomayor

    Color Art Instructor

  • Joey Groah
    Joey Groah

    Make Comics Podcast Co-Host and Producer

  • Kevin LaCoste
    Kevin LaCoste

    Moderator, Creators Workshop

  • Molly Lazer bio image
    Molly Lazer

    Pro Critique Provider, Creators Workshop

  • Stephen Pakula


  • Marc Sumerak

    Mentoring, Pro Critique Provider, Creators Workshop

  • Erica Schultz

    Lettering and Production Instructor

  • Zac Atkinson
    Zac Atkinson

    Animation and Screen Writing Instructor

  • Phillip Sevy

    Art Instructor

  • Paul Allor

    Writing Instructor and Managing Editor, Publishing Program

  • Rich Bloom

    Design Instructor

  • Fred Van Lente

    Writing Instructor

  • Heather Antos

    Make Comics Podcast Co-Host, Course Instructor

  • Bon Alimagno
    Bon Alimagno

    Creators Workshop Director

  • Jason White

    News Editor - Creators Workshop

  • Reilly Brown
    Reilly Brown

    Pro Critique Provider, Creators Workshop, Art Instructor

  • Michelle Kasten

    Operations Manager

  • Jim Gibbons

    Make Comics Podcast Co-Host, Pro Critique Provider, Creators Workshop

  • Marco Della Verde

    Design & Production Manager

  • Meredith Nudo bio image
    Meredith Nudo

    Social Media Manager

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