Writing and Lettering Courses

  • Introduction to Lettering Comics

    Instructor: Sean Rinehart

    6 Weeks | Starts: April 15, 2024 Live

    Join pro Sean Rinehart for a six-week course on lettering and production work. There’s a lot more to lettering than digitally pasting words onto the page. Avoid the pitfalls of unprofessional lettering by training with Sean!

  • Comics Writing: Creating Great Characters

    Instructor: Paul Allor

    5 Weeks | Starts: April 17, 2024 Live

    Great comics start with great characters. From the Golden Age of superheroes to last week’s indie darling, when you think of your favorite comics, you’ll most likely think about the fantastic characters within.

  • Writing Creator-Owned and Indie Comics

    Instructor: Paul Allor

    In this five-week course, critically-acclaimed comics writer Paul Allor teaches you how to build your creator-owned and indie comics career from the ground up!

  • Introduction to Writing Comics

    Instructor: Paul Allor

    Learn how to craft a comic book story, create great characters, the ins and outs of the industry and tips for breaking in—all from one of the industry’s leading professional editors.

  • Writing for a Shared Universe

    Instructor: Fred Van Lente

    Learning how to write in other people’s worlds—yet make the resulting work your own—is among the most important skills a professional writer can master. Decorated comics scribe Fred Van Lente will teach you how to apply your abilities to work in any company’s shared universe—and, not only that, together, as the class, we will create a shared universe of our own!

  • Advanced Comic Book Writing: Perfecting a One-Shot

    Instructors: Andy Schmidt and Paul Allor

    For graduates of the Introduction class, delve even deeper into the art and craft of writing comic book scripts! In this seven-week class, Andy will guide you through writing (and revising) a full 20-page comic book–plus get additional insight person making it in the industry!

  • Freelance Writing for Comics

    Instructor: Paul Allor

    In this five-week course, comics writer Paul Allor sets the class on their mission–you’ve been hired to write a five-page story on your choice of one of several franchise properties–now it’s your job to get the script done on time and up to professional standards! And that means a monkey-wrench or two along the way!

  • TMNT dialogue
    Great Dialogue & Narrative Captions

    Instructor: Paul Allor

    Open to all writers, this intensive course covers how to use dialogue and narration to drive story, reveal character and keep readers interested. If you want your characters to sing, whoop, holler and occasionally even speak, you need this course!

  • Scripting Your Mini-Series or OGN

    Instructor: Paul Allor

    Every comic book mini-series is a journey – for both the reader and the writer. You set out with a goal, a destination, and maybe even a map. But along the way you find detours, roadblocks, unexpected surprises both good and bad.

  • Writing for an Ongoing Series

    Instructor: Fred Van Lente

    “To be continued…” Make sure those three fateful words have your readers counting the days until the next installment of your story! Decorated comics scribe Fred Van Lente will teach you to juggle subplots, character arcs, and major reveals to create an addictive series no one wants to end…until you want it to.

  • Comic Book Law
    Comic Book Law for Creators

    Instructor: Joe Sergi

    In this course, Joe Sergi, attorney, comic creator, and author of Comic Book Law: Cautionary Tales for the Comic Creator, will cover the legal topics that creators may face when making comics.

  • Story Arcs card thumbnail
    Story Arcs and the Art of Serialized Storytelling

    Instructor: Fred Van Lente

    In this six-week course, acclaimed comics writer Fred Van Lente will take you through the necessary steps to craft compelling story arcs and ongoing comic book narratives exactly like professional comic book writers do it.

  • Kickstarting Your Comic or Graphic Novel

    Instructor: Ryan Browne

    In this six-week digital course, Kickstarter expert Ryan Browne teaches you all the necessary tools for creating and executing your own Kickstarter.

  • Discovering Genre thumbnail
    Comics Writing: Discovering Genre

    Instructor: Paul Allor

    The comics industry is founded on genre work, with professional writers expected to write top-level stories in a variety of genres and styles. In this six-week course, comics writer Paul Allor will guide you through the genres of science fiction, crime, horror, comedy, romance and more! You will discover what makes these genres tick, and learn how to craft a winning story in each.