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Mark Waid

Mark Waid

Mark Waid has written a wider variety of well-known characters than any other American comics author, from Superman to the Justice League to Spider-Man to Archie and hundreds of others. His award-winning graphic novel with artist Alex Ross, Kingdom Come, is one of the best-selling comics of all time.

Mark’s runs on both The Flash and Captain America are considered high watermarks for each character. His work on Daredevil led the way for the book and Mark to receive multiple Eisner Awards and nominations.

Mark was a founding member of Gorilla Comics, helped build CrossGen into a powerful force in the industry, and has been a leading proponent of digital comics and taking advantage of the distinct capabilities that digital comics have to offer.

Mark started Thrillbent, a digital comics publisher for creator-owned comics, in 2013.

Mark is currently writing several high-profile comics for Marvel while writing his creator-owned series as well as running Thrillbent and managing a comic book store he owns. There’s simply no other comics writer more immersed the comics industry than Mark.