Workshop member Rodrigo Ramos Rodolfo illustrates Zenescope event!

zen_circlelogoCreators Workshop member Rodrigo Ramos Rodolfo recently did the interior art for Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales #85: Unleashed Part 2 which is scheduled to hit comic shops this week!

Unleashed is Zenescope’s major Spring/Summer 2013 event, which includes six separate mini-series and a total of 24 issues.

GFT85_The storyline delves directly into the world of horror monsters, while following those with the skills to hunt them.

Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed is the main seven issue mini-series that begins when hundreds of formerly trapped vampires, werewolves, demons and zombies are all released on Earth by a very powerful entity known as “The Being.”

Rodrigo has done previous work for Zenescope as well as on numerous independent comics. He’s an active member of the Workshop, regularly posting great artwork to his sketch thread on our community forums.

Congrats, Rodrigo!

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