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The Comics Experience Make Comics podcast provides ~15 minutes of advice per episode on all aspects of creating comics and breaking in to the industry.

Join Comics Experience founder and former Marvel and IDW Editor Andy Schmidt and his co-host Joey Groah as they discuss making comics! (Also, big thanks to the co-host of the first 50 episodes, iFanboy's Josh Flanagan!)

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Episode #149 – What’s Next: Continuing Your Education

Andy and Joey talk about ways to continue learning about making comics and your creative growth.

Episode #148 – Screen Experience

Screen Experience, including new classes and podcasts, is here! Writing for animation, writing for illustrated books, screenwriting… find out more at

Episode #147 – Page Rates and Asking Questions

A conversation about page rates including finding other people to talk about industry rates, what questions to ask, and thinking about your personal budget planning.

Episode #146 – Meeting Editors Online and at Cons

Andy and Joey talk broadly about where online and in-person to meet editors, and what you can do planning to meet an editor.

Episode #145 – Source Point Press Publishing Deal

Andy talks about the new Comics Experience and Source Point Press publishing deal with new comics debuting at C2E2.

Episode #144 – 2017 in Review, Looking Ahead

Andy and Joey talk about a year of Making Comics and looking ahead at the new year.