Comic Art
#202 – Ways to Check on Our Peers and Keep Everyone Safe

Heather Antos (Valiant, Image, Marvel) talks with Joey about abusive and inappropriate behavior in comics. Heather shares suggestions on how to check on our creative peers and keep everyone safe, signals to look for, things you can ask in person and over text, and other actionable ways to check on people.

Remembering Denny O’Neil

Andy talks about his experiences with writer and editor Denny O’Neil, and the impact Denny had on his career in comics and personal life. Andy talks about meeting Denny as a student, Denny’s advice on working , and the best advice he ever got about working in comics.

#201 – Telling Your Story with Keith Robinson

Writer Keith Robinson talks with Andy and Joey about what led him to getting into writing comics including taking Andy’s Introduction to Writing Comics class, what he learned through revisions, peer reviews, and working with the creative team on his short story Super Scooter Sydney.

#200 – Making Comics with Comics Experience

On the 200th episode of Make Comics hear comics-making tips from Comics Experience faculty and staff as they share their make comics tips!

#199 – Differences in Writing Creator-Owned and Work-For-Hire Comics with Andy Schmidt and Paul Allor

Andy Schmidt and Paul Allor talk about writing both creator-owned and work-for-hire comics, the similarities between the two, and the differences. Andy shares his perspective from the editorial side of publishing and what companies look for when hiring new talent.

#198 – Heather Antos on Creating Comics During the Coronavirus

Heather Antos (newly promoted senior editor at Valiant, Marvel, Image) and Joey talk about creating comics during coronavirus and the anxiety people (everyone?) may have. They talk about giving yourself a break, general mental health tips, and how it’s okay to just sit and read.

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