Comic Art
#197 – Promoting Your Comic on Podcasts with Frank Gogol

FrankĀ GogolĀ (GRIEF, DEAD END KIDS) talks with Joey about being a podcast guest, the benefits of having some time to talk about you and your comic, and what he’s learned promoting his own work in the past and how he’s planning to promote his new comic NO HEROINE.

#196 – Retailer Relief Program

Andy talks about the Retailer Relief Program, a way for comics readers to help their comics shops while getting videos, audio files, PDFs, and more, featuring creators and educators discussing the craft and life of comics.

#195 – Convention Cancellations and Creator Impact with Phillip Sevy

Artist and writer Phillip Sevy joins Andy and Joey to talk about the cancellation of ECCC and other cons, how no current conventions is impacting artists, retailer impact, and more.

#194 – Getting and Using Feedback with Michael Roslen

Getting feedback from friends, peers, and editors can be essential to any comic creation, helping with rewrites, plots and story clarifications, art changes, and more. Writer Michael Roslen (REMNANT) shares his experience getting and using feedback.

#193 – Work For Hire Pitching with Paul Allor

Paul Allor (GI Joe, The Avengers: Captain America) talks about pitching for work for hire (WFH) comics. Paul talks about working with editors and license holders, some common elements across pitches and more!

#192 – Creative Services with Andy Schmidt and Anne Randulic

Andy Schmidt and Anne Randulic talk with Joey about Comics Experience Creative Services, where CE works with people to manage and build out a creative team and the comics-making process. Anne talks about the experience, and Andy talks about the CE process.

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