How Long Do You Make Your Comics? 

Graphic novel, mini-series, ongoing series, which length is the right choice for your comics? That depends on the creator, the publisher, the retailer, and the reader. Andy and Gamal look at the perspectives of each group and how they factor into the size of your story. 

Why 2024 is the Best Time to Be a Comic Book Creator

The comic book press regularly discusses the real challenges and issues involved in being a comic book creator or publisher. But it is also true that now is the best time in the history of comics to build a business in this industry.

Dealing with Criticism, Indifference, and Rejection in Comics

In this week’s episode of the Comics Connection podcast, Andy and I talk about the creative and mental impact of negative reactions to your comic and what you can do on a personal and professional level to reduce your inevitable discomfort.

What is the Best Distribution for Your Comic?

In this week’s episode of the Comics Connection Podcast, Andy and Gamal talk about the best and most profitable way to get your comic in the hands of your readers.

2024 Predictions for the Comic Book Industry

Andy and Gamal wrap up 2023 with our thoughts on how censorship, crowdfunding, comic book shops, and digital comics will evolve and impact the comic book industry in 2024.

What Does It Take to be a Professional Comic Creator?

Andy and Gamal discuss the personal and professional qualities you need to maintain a long career in comic books and we talk about evolving as a creative person over time.