246 What Creators and Publishers Should Expect From Each Other

Andy talks about what publishers and creators should expect from each other. Outreach to retailers, promoting to readers and media, what are the creators responsibilities, what are the publisher responsibilities and more.

245 SDCC and Conventions

Andy talks about his plans for San Diego Comic Con including running panels, in-person meetings and conversations, and being Covid cautious as a creator going to conventions.

244 Joe Quesada, Editorial Management Changes at Publishers

Joe Quesada has left his position at Marvel Comics for new creative pursuits. Andy and Joey talk about Quesada’s time as Marvel Knights Editor then Editor-in-Chief, and what it means for creators when there are management changes at publishers. 

243 George Perez and Neal Adams

Andy and Joey talk about George Perez, two comics creators who recently passed. Andy worked on projects that Perez and Adams worked on and shares his experiences, as well as creator rights, kindness to collaborators and readers, legacy, and more.

242 Panel Actions

Andy and Joey talk about panel descriptions, which Andy has come to describe as “panel actions” in his thinking and teaching his courses. Each panel can have one action, stories are active, things are happening, establishing shots can have actions…

241 Storytelling in Comics, TV, and Movies

Andy and Joey talk about comics being adapted into TV and movies, story arcs, “new number 1!” issues, and how storytellers need to keep in mind what medium they’re working in. Even if your comic gets optioned for TV and movies, the goal with your comic is to always make the best comic book you […]