CE Member Glenn Møane launches free anthology “Outré”

outre-logoCE Creators Workshop member Glenn Møane is co-editor of the new digital comic book anthology, Outré, launched on Free Comic Book Day 2013.

Among other creators, the first issue includes an 8-page story written by CE alum Alex Wilson, as well as a stand-alone illustration done by CE alum Brian Gilman.

outre01-coverIn addition, the issue contains an interview with Alex, recent winner of a Writers of the Future award for a prose story, and also the writer of a recent Eagle Award-winning comic book story. The issue contains several other comic book shorts and an interview with Saga artist Fiona Staples.

You can download your FREE copy of the full anthology right here.

The Outré anthology is the brainchild of Norwegian comic book creators Magnus Aspli and Glenn Møane. Both are fans of short stories, and have said, “the anthology will feature stories by creators who have something to say and are hungry to get their work out there.”

“We want to deliver a thoughtful and unique product with superb quality in art and storytelling. For free.”

Initially, Outré will be published online two or three times a year with each issue featuring four stories by four different creative teams, as well as two in-depth creator conversations and four stand-alone illustrations playing on the theme of the issue. Each story in Outré is completely self-contained and exactly eight pages in length.

The theme of the current issue is “responsibility,” with the following two issues focused on “hopelessness” and “xenophobia.”

Read the submission guidelines right here if you’re interested in getting involved.

Congrats to Glenn, Alex, Brian and everyone involved in the anthology!

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