CE alum Rich Douek’s “Wailing Blade” announced at NYCC 2013!

Wailing-Blade-Rich-Douek-promoCE alum and Creators Workshop member Rich Douek has a new mini-series coming…and it sounds like heads will roll…

As announced by publisher ComixTribe at NYCC 2013, Wailing Blade: Headtaker will be launching in 2014, with story by Rich and art by Charlie Cody.

Wailing Blade: Headtaker explores earth’s distant future — a strange new world of lost technology, strange creatures and desperate men. The mini-series will tell the story of the Headtaker, a merciless executioner in the employ of a tyrant.

In the press release announcing the series, Douek said, “Wailing Blade takes place in the far, far future, where civilization has risen and fallen a hundred times over. What little technology that survived the millennia is very rare, even less understood. The executioner’s mask and weapon are artifacts of an earlier time, when man had greater mastery over technology. There are few who understand its true purpose, least of all our hero, Tychon.”

Rich is also the writer of Gutter Magic, a fantasy series set in a world in which World War II was fought with magic. The #1 issue of Gutter Magic is currently available for digital download on comiXology.

Congrats to Rich and Charlie on the announcement of Wailing Blade!

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