Introduction to Comic Book Lettering & Production Returns February 6!

Dave Sharpe

Our popular Comic Book Lettering and Production course with Dave Sharpe starts back up on February 6, 2017!

As the comics community grows – and the interest in self-publishing increases – there’s never been a better time for new and experienced comic creators to widen their skill set. Lettering and production are crucial parts of the comic creation process, and this course supplies the tools you’ll need to produce professional quality work.

Dave Sharpe has a stellar track record for delivering high-value instruction in a fun, friendly and relaxed class atmosphere. His background includes 20 years as a letterer and production artist, beginning in the Marvel Bullpen and continuing with his current work lettering for DC and independent projects.

We asked him a few questions about his plans for the upcoming course, and what students can expect.

Comics Experience: What excites you the most about the Intro to Comic Book Lettering and Production course?

Dave Sharpe: I love the craft of making comic books. It can be a very costly endeavor for the independent creator. A great area to save money and control your own vision is lettering and production. This course lines out the process of not only lettering your own book, but the entire overview of putting it together and getting it to the printer.

CE: How did you develop the curriculum?

DS: I’ve been lettering since 1990, and I have taught hand-lettering at the Joe Kubert School before, but computer lettering is entirely different. Having been on staff at Marvel and knowing the nuts and bolts of putting a comic together, I applied those ideas to set up a weekly class of teaching the process. This is also the seventh year of the class so I am quite at ease teaching it.

CE: What are some of your proudest moments from the course?

DS: With practice and effort you will be able to letter your own comic when you finish this course. I have had a handful of previous students who are not only lettering their own projects, but are lettering for other people as well. That’s cool.

CE: What advice do you have for those hoping to take your class?

DS: I will be showing lots of techniques in Adobe Illustrator. Your familiarity with Illustrator will be the biggest obstacle. But we will spend the first few weeks going over it. And get a cup of coffee; I do a lot of talking, and while I am entertaining (at least that’s what they say) I spew lots of information. Make sure to re-watch the recorded video of the class during the week.

CE: What do you hope students will get out of your class?

DS: While I do hope they are entertained, I genuinely hope everyone gets what they want out of the class. Some take the class as a writer or artist and want to learn what not to do (SOOO smart) Others take the course to letter their own projects or even go on to carve out a career as a letterer. I want to help everyone and many students keep in touch and ask me questions after the class is over. I’m here to help people make comics!!!

You may register for Introduction to Comic Book Lettering and Production here. Remember that space is limited, so sign up quickly!


Posted by Meredith Nudo