Marta Tanrikulu Talks Gwan on the Comicidal Podcast!

Comics Experience Operations Manager Marta Tanrikulu guested on the Comicidal podcast in November, discussing her two stories for the Forward Comix anthology Gwan.

Gwan, edited by Jerome Walford, features over 30 artists from over 15 nations around the world. It peers into the experiences of travelers and colonists in foreign worlds, the experiences of the colonized who find their homes disrupted by imperialists, immigration and multiculturalism. These themes cross genres, with stories ranging from the grounded and realistic to purely speculative science fiction and fantasy. Our Ramon Gil has a story in it, too!

The Comicidal episode, which you can listen to here, is the third of three episodes featuring creators from the book. Marta discusses how it felt to have two stories accepted into the anthology, what it’s like to collaborate and meet with other comic book professionals in other countries and creating an alternate history with “Son of Two Empires.”

“Son of Two Empires,” written by Marta, drawn by Luchito Inzunza, colored by Kote Carvajal and lettered by E.T. Dollman, uses a hypothetical twist to the past to reflect upon the actual horrors of Spain’s colonization of Mexico.

Marta’s other entry in the anthology, “Traveller Seeks Gainful Employ,” was drawn by Leila del Duca and lettered by E.T. Dollman. It follows a pregnant Roma woman as she searches for a home for her unique gifts, and her desire to use them to bring peace and comfort to the grieving.

You may order your copy of Gwan here.


Posted by Meredith Nudo