Workshop Member Justin Phillips’ Kid Sherlock hits comic shops in June!

Comics Experience workshop member Justin Phillips is bringing his unique take on Sherlock Holmes to comic shops, in the new Action Lab comic Kid Sherlock! With art by Sean Miller and colors by Lesley Atlansky, Kid Sherlock hits comic shops in June, with the first two issues available for pre-order now.

Comics Experience founder and instructor Andy Schmidt called Kid Sherlock “everything you love about classic Holmes stories but with a whole new tone and attitude. A great way to get kids into comics and mysteries at the same time.” The story kicks off when John Watson starts class at Baker Elementary. The only dog in school, Watson has to face down bullies and loneliness, until he meets a young boy named Sherlock Holmes.

Phillips describes himself as a lifelong fan of Sherlock – and the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories in particular. Several years ago, he began to write a series of one-page Kid Sherlock comics, eventually developing them with artist Sean Miller into a webcomic. What’s more, Phillips developed those early pages – and the Kid Sherlock lettering style – by workshopping them in Comics Experience, receiving ample feedback from his fellow members, each step of the way.

“There may be a lot that goes into turning an idea into a fully developed story but I would say there is an equal amount if not more work in actually getting that story published,” Phillips said. “I learned so much from Comics Experience about world building and story and character development, but the ability to talk to others with experience on projects from all aspects of publishing is invaluable. I can honestly say that I’m not sure I would have gotten to this point without Comics Experience so to Andy and everyone else at the workshop, thank you!”

The first issue hits comic shops June 17th, and is available for pre-order nowCongrats, Justin!

Posted by Paul Allor