FOUR CE Community Members’ Work in “Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories”

Comics Experience alums and Creators Workshop members make comics!

139355Four members of our community are among the comic creators featured in Out of the Blue: A Collection of Strange Stories. The collection, released by Stache Publishing on December 1, is now available in both print and digital editions.

Out of the Blue is an anthology collecting tales of the strange and peculiar. It features work from writers and artists representing a range of backgrounds, from newly-emerging talents to New York Times bestselling creators!

CE alum, Creators Workshop member, and staffer Marta Tanrikulu curated Out of the Blue along with fellow editors Corey Fryia and Marcus Muller. Among the thirteen stories in this 100+ page anthology, the following were written by CE community members.

Read about their contributions below, and visit the Out of the Blue website to learn more and to purchase the book! It’s also available on and Digital copies are available via Drive Thru Comics here.



Creators Workshop member Marco Della Verde is the writer of “Kreator,” which he developed in collaboration with longtime friends and neighbors from the town of Orbetello, Italy. Illustrator Fausto Carotti has been Marco’s creative partner since grade school, when, Marco says, the two “invented stories while the other guys played soccer!” They join colorist Fabio Angelini to tell a story about a creator of robots and androids, who locks himself in a castle to finish his masterpiece while hostile forces threaten to put an end to him and his work.



Glenn Møane developed “As a Family” in the CE Creators Workshop, where he submitted the script for review and critique from fellow Workshop members. The final result – about a family whose secrets come to light at a funeral – appears in Out of the Blue with art by Tomasz Witas.




“The Digit Debacle” is about a ceremony that goes awry due to an unexpected mix-up between humans and aliens. The writer is Creators Workshop member Ramon Gil, who says, “The concept for ‘Digit Debacle’ has been knocking around my head since university when I took ‘Liberal Arts Math’ – yes, really. The teacher asked us to do problems based on imagining that we were on a planet where we didn’t have 10 fingers.” “The Digit Debacle” features art by Lui Antonio, and color by Kevin Stone.


Congrats to Glenn, Marco, Marta, Ramon, and their fellow Out of the Blue contributors!

To order Out of the Blue in print, visit the site here.
To order a digital copy, visit Drive Thru Comics here.

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Posted by Nicole Boose