Five Books Launch from Comics Experience!

DelugeKarma PoliceJanuary 13 marks the launch of FIVE Comics Experience-published series!

This date marks the print AND digital debut of GUTTER MAGIC, by writer Rich Douek with art by Brett Barkley, color by Jules Rivera, and letters by Nic Shaw. Buy it in print wherever comics are sold, or online via comiXology!

Past the Last MountainWretched ThingsOur four, brand-new digital releases on comiXology are also available for the first time, featuring the following titles all developed by our community members through the Comics Experience Creators Workshop!

  • PAST THE LAST MOUNTAIN by Paul Allor, Louie Joyce, and Gannon Beck brings together an unlikely trio of fantasy creatures in a story of unity and survival.
  • KARMA POLICE by Chris Lewis, Tony Gregori, Jasen Smith, and Nic J. Shaw investigates a bizarre generation-spanning mystery full of murder, intrigue, reincarnation, and even luchador demons.
  • WRETCHED THINGS by Devon Wong, Ken Perry, and John Hunt peers into a world where The Vermin reign supreme.
  • DELUGE by JD Oliva and Richard P. Clark sets a thrilling crime drama against the backdrop of a post-Katrina Gulf Coast.

Gutter Magic CoverCheck out preview art on our Tumblr, or view these posts for more details!

Comics Experience Launches comiXology-Exclusive Titles!

Gutter Magic #1 by Alum Rich Douek Now in Diamond Previews!

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Posted by Nicole Boose