Workshop Member Rich Douek Presents “Gutter Magic” Video Trailer!

Gutter Magic footer logoComics Experience Creators Workshop member Rich Douek has released a video trailer for the trade paperback collection of his series Gutter Magic! The book will be available in stores on July 27, 2016.

It’s magic and mayhem in Manhattan, as Gutter Magic follows the story of Cinder Byrnes, who should be heir to a magical legacy, but can’t cast a spell to save his life. When he finally tracks down a spell that can help him, he must figure out how to cast it before the necromantic crime lord he stole it from tracks him down. An epic, gritty urban fantasy adventure that takes place in an alternate-history New York, where long ago, World War II was fought with magic.

Gutter Magic, released through the publishing partnership between Comics Experience and IDW, was released as a four-issue limited series beginning in January 2016. The first issue was the first Comics Experience-published series to crack ICv2’s Top 300 Comics list!

Included in the series creative team are Brett Barkley (art), Jules Rivera (color), and Creators Workshop alum Nic J. Shaw (lettering).

Rich attributes Gutter Magic’s success in part to the workshop process that the Comics Experience Creators Workshop offers. He talks about the Workshop and other important steps in creating Gutter Magic in the interview here.

Gutter Magic is available to pre-order from your local comic retailer now, using Item Code MAY160466. Place your order now to guarantee your copy, and to help support the creators!

Check out the trailer below, and look for Gutter Magic in stores beginning July 27!

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