CE’s Paul Allor is Writing Secret Empire: Brave New World!

Comics Experience Paul Allor will be taking part in Marvel’s Secret Empire summer event! Joined by artist Brian Level, the companion series Brave New World will feature the debut of a brand new Patriot and reunites The Invaders against a Steve Rogers-led HYDRA.

Paul says, “I think fans of these characters are really going to dig it. I absolutely love the Invaders; they were the first thing that came to mind when Marvel approached me for ideas, and I’m so thrilled to see this story coming together — especially with such astounding collaborators as Brian Level and Jordan Boyd.

Also, writing Namor dialogue is about the most fun a comics writer can have.”

Issue one will also feature writing by Nick Kocher and Jeremy Whitley and art by Diego Orloteugi and Will Robson. On issue two, Paul and Brian are joined by Fabian Nicieza and Rodney Barnes on writing and Juan M. Frigeri and Tana Ford on art.

Paul’s work with Comics Experience and on other licensed properties helped prepare him for an event book, though the processes do differ between projects.

“Working in a shared universe is all about being flexible, and about finding a way to tell your core story — to keep your themes and your character work — while being willing to check your ego, and to change things up based on what’s happening in the other books,” he says.

And I’ve gotta say, my work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really prepared me for that. After five years of telling side-stories that tie in — sometimes very closely — to the main TMNT comic, maintaining that balance of flexibility and consistency becomes somewhat second nature.”

Read the Previews here and here. Make sure to preorder, too!


Posted by Meredith Nudo