Creators Workshop Members Band Together in New Kickstarter, Out of the Blue!

Comics Experience alum Marta Tanrikulu joins Marcus Muller and Corey Fryia on editing duties for the latest From Out of the Blue anthology: Colossal Chaos, now on Kickstarter! Fans of giant monsters, giant robots, and the total havoc they wreak should check out this cavalcade of breakneck action from a wide range of exciting creative talent.

Marta’s duties include “looking at each submission that comes in, then evaluating the strengths of the story and how well it fits the theme.”

“The three editors each rate the stories, and if ratings vary significantly, discuss why. Then it’s a matter of selecting the strongest stories within the page count limitations,” she says about the process of compiling an anthology.

But Marta isn’t the only Comics Experience alumnus and current or former Creators Workshop member to take part in this city-stomping good time. Rob Anderson, Nick Valente, Marco Della Verde, Chas! Pangburn, Eduardo Camacho, Rich Foster, and Emily Elmer are all contributing.

Although the anthology did not come together within the Workshop, Marta does credit the networking lessons she learned on the forums with providing the experience needed to create a stunning anthology.

“I was encouraged to make these types of connections through being a member of the Workshop,” she says.

You can support From Out of the Blue: Colossal Chaos on Kickstarter here!


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Posted by Meredith Nudo