Kenny Porter in DC’s Cursed Comics Cavalcade!

Creators Workshop member and course alum Kenny Porter will be writing a Green Lantern story for the Cursed Comic Cavalcade! Out October 10, he’ll be joined by Riley Rossmo on art, Ivan Plascenia on colors, and Tom Napolitano on letters. For fans of horror comics, now’s your chance to see your favorite DC superheroes fighting seasonally appropriate horrors.

We spoke to Kenny briefly about the project.

Comics Experience: What is your relationship like with the creative team?

Kenny Porter: Riley Rossmo and I developed the story together and we had a blast doing it. We’ve known each other for a while and have similar tastes, so having an excuse to collaborate was a lot of fun. I haven’t met Ivan Plascenia or Tom Napolitano, but they both did excellent work with the colors and letters. Also, our editors Dave and Alex were great to work with and really helped us develop the story.

CE: What are some of the challenges unique to working with a licensed character that you don’t face in personal work crafted from the ground up?

KP: I think that the biggest challenge is saying something new with the character while still being true to who the character is at their core. You know that you’re not the first person to write or draw this character, and you won’t be the last, so you have to add something to a bigger tapestry rather than just weaving your own story any way you want. But those limitations can be really fun when you try to consider the world and the future of the character beyond you and your work.

CE: How has your experience with Comics Experience helped with creating this Green Lantern story?

KP: My classes and the workshop helped me out quite a bit. Early on there were a lot of challenges where we would have to take a licensed character and write a short story as if it were going to be published. I did a Rocketeer story years ago in the workshop that gave me the chance to experiment, research, and prepare for writing other popular characters.

You can pick up Cursed Comics Cavalcade on October 10!