Glenn Møane Looks at THE LOVE SHE OFFERED

“I believe it all started with the ending,” says former Creators Workshop member Glenn Møane.

“An image came to me, and it showed a mother in her kitchen, looking at a photo of her deceased daughter. From there I began exploring who they were, the state of their relationship, and why one of them had died. It took a few tries, but in the end I found the approach I thought would serve the story best, by focusing on the grieving father and his relentless quest for closure.”

That end began The Love She Offered, the three-issue miniseries from Comics Experience and Source Point Press whose third and final installment comes out September 25. Glenn’s team includes Tirso Llaneta on art, Monte Thompson and Marco Della Verde on colors, and Sean Rinehart on letters.

The Love She Offered follows father Brian Thompson and his friend Ross seeking revenge for the murder of Brian’s daughter. This leads to the kidnapping of her boyfriend, the primary suspect… but he claims he didn’t do it. And he very well may not have done it.

Glenn developed his thriller during his stint in the Creators Workshop, and attributes his success to the support provided by the community.

“The critiques I received helped tremendously and the scripts ended up a lot more polished than their first drafts. For example, the original opening to the first issue depicted Sean coming home at night with a bloody knife in his hand. A workshop member pointed out a problem with the scene, which made me take another hard look at the issue’s structure,” he says.

“I ended up ditching the scene altogether and replaced it with a new one, which took place much later in the story… Overall, on the story front, The Love She Offered is a series that would not be in the shape it is if I hadn’t joined the Comics Experience workshop.”

And, of course, he shares the credit with his collaborators!

“I usually just let them do what they do best. This depends of course if we have worked together previously or not, but when reviewing a new page, my comments often boil down to ‘Thumbs up!’ or ‘I loved how you pulled off this particular panel!'” he says.

“I guess I’m boring that way, but I also believe in not micro-managing the artists I work with. Ideally, I want my scripts to be a pleasure to work on, something that doesn’t feel like a chore for my collaborators.”

Issue #3 of The Love She Offered – the last in the miniseries – will be released on September 25! Make sure to pick up your copy!