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An ENCORE for Matthew Selle!

Comics fans, make sure to mark your calendars for February 18! Comics Experience alumnus and Creators Workshopper Matthew Selle will be releasing the campaign for his 160-page comic Encore!

Along with artist Sebastian Valencia and letterer Cristian Docolomansky, whom Matthew lauds for being “nice enough to take a chance on a crazy teenager with a cool idea.” The story flips some beats familiar to superhero fans, exploring

“Everyone knows the classic ‘secret identity’ trope. A standard mild-mannered citizen has to balance their normal life with their newfound powers, ultimately choosing to be responsible and become a hero. This is not that story,” Matthew says.

“Encore is an android, specifically built to be Earth’s first superhero. Only one problem: her powers aren’t quite working right and she’s stuck having to recharge every time she uses her abilities. That means she’s gonna have to learn how to keep up a new secret identity… of normal human.”

He continues, “For someone who’s been dedicated to the superhero life as long as she can remember, this isn’t an easy task. Oh, and one more thing – ‘as long as she can remember’ is about two days. Can Encore get her powers fixed? Will she defeat the mysterious supervillains popping up all over the city? And, of course, can she figure out where the heck she came from?!?”

Supporters of the upcoming campaign can look forward to digital and print copies of Encore, and five lucky donors can get drawn into the book. Literally (figuratively, too!).

As a member of the Creators Workshop and student of our courses, Matthew has incorporated much of what he’s learned from Comics Experience into the book.

“Comics Experience has been massively helpful for me. The Intro to Writing class was a great first look at how industry professionals write and format their work, and of course it was super fun as well. I’ve been a member of the Workshop since then, and it’s given me a great chance to be part of a community of creators made up of both professionals and new creators like me,” he says.

“It’s actually helped a lot with this Kickstarter too, I’m going to be producing physical copies of Encore through Andy’s new company, ONS Printing! I never would have made that connection without Comics Experience.”

Stay up-to-date on Encore‘s launch by following Matthew on Twitter @frequencycomics!

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