Creators Workshop’s Rob Anderson on My Little Pony

pinkiepieCreators Workshop alumus and former Comics Experience GM Rob Anderson is celebrating Halloween in the best possible way!

Every October, comic book stores hold Halloween ComicsFest events, and pass out free floppies to customers – a spooky take on Free Comic Book Day. This year, IDW will be reprinting Rob’s story in My Little Pony: Friends Forever #4 as My Little Pony: The Haunted Dungeon. With art by Amy Mebberson and a cover by Sara Richard, the story leads Twilight Sparkle and her brother Shining Armor through a twisty mystery investigating some odd occurrences linked to King Sombra’s dungeon.

Halloween ComicsFest falls on October 29 this year. If you live or happen to be in Annapolis, Maryland on that day, Rob will be holding a signing at Third Eye Comics!

Rob also returns to Equestria in December, with the release of My Little Pony: Friends Forever #35 on the 7th. It features interior art by Jay P. Fosgitt and covers by Tony Fleecs, Jay P. Fosgitt and Nidhi Chanani. You can already see it in the October issue of Previews!

The skills he gleaned with his time in the Creators Workshop made it possible for him to craft these fun horror tales for this year’s festivities.

“When you post your creator-owned script on the Creators Workshop, you’re able to get very detailed notes on what worked and what didn’t for the critics. That information is valuable in itself, but the underlying value is learning to truly hear criticism, understand it, and figure out how to improve the script,” Rob says.

“That’s very helpful when you’re doing work-for-hire, and you receive feedback from the editor and/or the licensor. I had lots of practice getting ‘notes,’ and doing rewrites to resolve the notes in a way that works for all the parties involved.

Happy Halloween, and we encourage you to stop by your favorite local comic book store to show your support for Rob’s stories!


Posted by Meredith Nudo