Rich Douek’s TMNT: Universe Comes Out in June!

Creators Workshop member Rich Douek is watching his career plunge into the sewer… and, yes, that’s actually something to celebrate! He’s headed to the Ninja Turtles universe and writing TMNT: Universe #11, with artist Aaron Conley! Hot off his success with Gutter Magic, Rich sends Sally Pride and Man Ray on an explosive New Jersey road trip in search of a new mutant.

“One of the great things about publishing Gutter Magic through the IDW/Comics Experience partnership was getting to know some of the folks at IDW personally, and one of the editors who helped out with Gutter Magic was Bobby Curnow, who edits the TMNT line, among other books,” Rich says.

“When we finished up with Gutter Magic, I reached out to see if there were any opportunities he thought I’d be a good fit for, and he happened to be looking for stories for TMNT: Universe.”

Going from a creator-owned book to one with legendary licensed characters carries its own unique set of challenges, but Rich

“The biggest difference is, I think, you can’t change the rules of the universe or the history on the fly just because you have a cool idea. Like, if I’m developing a project of my own, I can change the world to suit any notion that comes to me as I’m working the story out,” he says.

“With licensed characters, you not only have to take into account how they work in the story you’re telling, you also have to take into account how that story fits into the larger continuity of the series and the fictional universe as a whole. You’d think it would be limiting, but it’s actually a fun and interesting challenge to keep the characters and story within those constraints.”

Make sure to preorder your copy and pick it up on June 27!


Posted by Meredith Nudo