J.D. Oliva’s RED SUNRISE Now on Kickstarter!

Creators Workshop member J.D. Oliva is running a Kickstarter campaign for his 70-page graphic novel Red Sunrise! He is joined by Pascal Saint-Clair on art; this is their first project together.

“I put out an ad just to see what I could find as far as a collaborator goes,” he says. “I had quite a few responses but Pascal stood out far and above the others. I really liked what I saw in his portfolio, so I tried to tailor my writing toward what I thought would play to his strengths and challenge him.”

Available only in a digital format, Red Sunrise takes place in feudal Japan and follows the survivors of a murdered kabuki theatre troupe as they exact revenge on demons, vampires, and the oppressive shogun controlling them. A lonely warrior joins up to help out with the bloody battle. For fans of revenge and horror stories tinged with history, Red Sunrise offers plenty of thrills!

J.D.’s previous Kickstarter, for Deluge, served as a template for the direction he plans to take this one.

“I studied other campaigns, I enrolled in Tyler James’ ComixLaunch Course. I really maximized my talents and no how to create some cool updates and rewards tiers. I think I found a good base to build on for future campaigns,” he says.

One of the most intriguing rewards? A commentary track! An unexpected treat, but one that provides some valuable insight for aspiring comics creatives.

J.D. says, “I shamelessly stole the idea from Ryan K. Lindsay! When I was studying how to build a digital-only campaign, I came across Ryan’s work and as a big fan of DVD commentaries I thought it was genius,” he says “I’m going to use it as essentially a behind-the-scenes, making-of commentary where I talk about how we created the book and the stories behind its creation.”

You can make your pledge here!