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The New Comics Career

The old way of doing things is to pitch your project to a publisher until it gets picked up. But as fewer publishers are willing to take risks, even small ones, and as crowdfunding has picked up steam, the new way creators are making a living and a name for themselves is a strange hybrid model between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Let’s discuss!

Inspiration vs Structure

We have an idea! We’re inspired to draw or write about it! A story to tell to inspire others! But how do we capture this inspiration??? By imposing structure and formula and analysis on it. Structuring your story and your art and your page layouts is helpful, there’s no doubt–but is there too much structure? Or too little? The eternal yin and yang of storytelling is explored!


Flashbacks were the bane of Andy’s existence as an editor. No one trained writers or artists on how to deal with them properly, how to make them intuitive, or for that matter, what they were supposed to do dramatically. Too often they were mis-used and mis-handled. In this session, Andy will explain how to effectively use flashbacks dramatically as well as how to execute them clearly. You’ll never have a mis-fire flashback again!


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