Alum Russ Gartz publishes Vetala Buddha on comiXology!

Vampires both ancient and modern are coming your way in Vetala Buddha! All six issues are available on Comixology, featuring writing by Comics Experience alum and Creators Workshop member Russ Gartz, and art by Comics Experience veteran Nick Valente

The fantasy series also features coloring by Brian Skipper and lettering by Adam Wollett.

According to Russ, Vetala Buddha features a world where people are reborn as vampires when they die. The book follows two such vampires — one an ancient monk, the other a newly-reborn vampire in sunny California.

Furthermore, this project truly shows the strength of Comics Experience, when it comes to developing projects and networking with fellow creators.

Russ first came across Nick’s work when Russ’ Comics Experience Introduction to Comic Book Writing class was working on a class anthology. They worked together on a short comic, and when the time came for Vetala Buddha to go into production, Russ reached out to him again. Nick suggested Brian Skipper for colors and Adam Wollett for lettering (both had also worked on the short comic), and the team was complete.

But before that, Gartz developed the series on the Comics Experience Creators Workshop.

Russ said that he viewed the workshopping process as three separate phases. First, he posted the scripts on the Comics Experience Workshop, and in his Advanced Writing class forum, gaining valuable insight from fellow creators and pros alike.

Then, Russ further developed the script through Comics Experience’s mentorship program, working with Stephen Pakula.

“It was great!” Russ said of the experience, noting that Stephen helped him expand the series, and dig deeper into certain subplots and characters than in his original drafts.

And, finally, Russ gained insight from artist Nick Valente, describing this as the third step of the workshopping process.

“As Nick’s artwork can in, I would get inspired to write a detail I hadn’t thought, expand a storyline, develop a new idea about vampires, etc,” Russ said.

Vetala Buddha is available now!