Creators Workshop Needs Your Feedback!

The Comics Experience Creators Workshop is an online community designed to help professional and aspiring comic creators reach their goals. And now, we’re striving to make our members’ experience even better, beginning with a brand-new member survey!

Workshop member David Schechter has partnered with Comics Experience to develop a short questionnaire for Workshop member feedback. David is a Creators Workshop member himself, whose background in marketing made him the perfect person to author the survey.

“I’ve been doing work like this in my day job for a long time,” David explains. “I was hoping to apply the same skills and process to help improve the Creators Workshop.”

The Creators Workshop offers ongoing, membership-based professional support and career development for comics creators of all levels. Highlights include:

  • Expert advice and resources shared among creators. Our members’ diverse professional and personal backgrounds provide an unparalleled range of expertise!
  • An “Ask the Pros” forum, where working professional comics creators answer all your questions.
  • Exchange of critiques on members’ scripts and artwork.
  • In-depth, inclusive, and respectful discussion on comics and entertainment industry topics.

As the Workshop heads into its second decade, we’re continuing to find ways to best serve our members. Says David, “The more responses we get, the more we will learn about how to improve the Creators Workshop going forward. That could mean more of something specific or totally new things we haven’t tried offering yet.”

We urge current Workshop members to contribute feedback to the member survey here (login required). Your responses will help us create the best possible experiences for all members, now and in the future!

And as David and other Workshop members know, creators’ needs change and evolve along with our growing industry.

“As I’ve grown as a creator over the years, what I’ve gotten out of the Workshop has changed a lot,” David says. “At first it was learning (craft) and practicing/sharing work. Now I find learning about the industry and the connections I make through the workshop to be the most valuable aspects as I can continue to develop as a creator.”

Make your voice heard! If you’re a current member, be sure to fill out the survey by logging in here. Or become a member now by visiting our Creators Workshop page!

Our thanks to David and to all members for helping our Workshop thrive!